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Balfour Beatty/VCP Armed Forces Refurbishment Project

Balfour Beatty & Warwickshire County Council in partnership with the Veterans Contact Point are soon to start a major refurbishment of our existing “Horsa Building” with first stage works beginning in early September 2018.

VCP’s Office/Building as is

New building following refurbishment – artists impression at this stage and may not be the final approved plan (subject to approval and consent)

New interior – some changes have already taken place (artists  impression of the proposed internal building – final layout subject to approval and consent)

The above diagrams and proposals are only an indication of the work being considered and exact details/plans are not yet confirmed.

The facility for emergency accommodation is also only an indication of a potential and should this opportunity manifest into reality, full risk assessments and consultations with interested parties will be taken prior to any veterans being afforded this service. Its is stressed that should we offer emergency overnight accommodation this will only happen when all other statutory provisions and other alternatives have been exhausted.

We are looking for support from our Armed Forces Community to be involved in working alongside Balfour Beatty be it from making the Tea or actual getting your hands dirty.

We would also welcome support through donations to support the work being done, this crowd funding page has been set up to help with the internal furniture and additional resources for the completed building, if you wish to support you can so this direct through the Veterans Contact Point (cheques payable to The Veterans Contact Point) where all funding will be allocated direct to the refurb or alternatively this can be done through: 

Interest in getting involved? Ring us 02476343793 or email:



Free Peer Researcher Training Course for Military Veterans – Birmingham 8th-9th & 22nd -23rd November 2017





The course will be taught by lecturers from Northumbria University and researchers from ‘The Northern Hub for Military Veterans and Families Research’ see:


The Royal British Legion, New St. Birmingham.

  • No previous experience of research is necessary;
  • You do not have to have been to a college or university before;
  • You do not need to have any formal academic qualifications; Â
  • On the other hand, you might have done all of these things – and you will still be very welcome to attend the course; and,
  • The most important ‘qualification’ for taking part in the course is your experiences as a formerly serving in the armed forces.
  • You will be expected to listen to others and give your own views;
  • You will be expected to take part in discussions with others in the group;
  • You may have to work as part of a small team with others; and,
  • You do not have to share anything of your experiences with the other people in the group, but can do if you feel comfortable in doing so. The choice is yours!

At the end of the course, we hope that you will be able to:


  • Tell the difference between research and other ways of ‘finding-out about’ or measuring care services;
  • Know the differences between (a) research that uses numbers and statistics and (b) research based upon peoples’ descriptions and stories;
  • Know the features of research that is carried out ethically and in respect of others’ wishes and interests;
  • Know the features of ‘safe research’ as opposed to research that risks harm either to the researcher or those being researched;
  • Know what stages are necessary in planning and carrying out a research project; and,
  • Think about new ways of making your new knowledge count in order to have your voice heard and make a difference to how health and social care services are organised and delivered.

Everyone who attends more than two-thirds of the total number of sessions will be awarded a certificate of attendance.


Once you have completed the course you will have the opportunity to put your name forward to undertake paid work as part of an ongoing research project. This is not a compulsory part of the course, but is an opportunity you may wish to take once the course is complete. This will be discussed during the course, and you will have the chance to ask questions you may have.


Please contact feel free to contact Dr Gemma Wilson

0191 2156054

Memorial to the late Jesse (Raymond) Owen – Royal Marine

Work continues on the planned memorial for Jesse Owen a former Royal Marine/Special Boat Service Veteran who passed away on the 20th November 2017. The VCP and Barry Longden (Cllr NBBC) who himself is also a Veteran, have made contact with FCC Environment at Judkins Quarry in Nuneaton who have kindly donated the main memorial stone. Planning permissions are being sort from NBCC to place the memorial in Riverslea Park, Nuneaton, with a deadline for the dedication ceremony being planned for 17th December 2017. The memorial and dedication will also recognise all of our Commando Forces and will be display the Commando Dagger the emblem of Commando Forces and “United We Conquer” their moto.

The VCP have also been in contact with Major General Rob Macowan RM and The Royal Marines Association who have pledged their support and attendance at the dedication ceremony. Please watch this site for further details of presentation, if you want to donate or be involved in this project/event please contact the VCP 02476343793.

Volunteer Opportunities with The Veterans Contact Point in Nuneaton


News Release


VCP media team: 024 763 43793

01 August 2016


Veterans Contact Point (VCP) – Volunteer to mentor our Armed Forces!


The Veterans Contact Point, an Armed Forces charity, is urgently looking for volunteers to become mentors/peer support workers for our local Service Personnel who have left the Armed Forces. We welcome interest from all not just those who are veterans themselves.

The charity is calling upon motivated individuals to join its ranks and be paired up with military service personnel in the local communities of Coventry, Warwickshire & Solihull areas.

The role of a VCP mentor/peer support worker is to listen, support, motivate and empower those who they are supporting, acting as their professional advocate assisting them to access opportunities and services. We will offer you training and support to develop your skills and knowledge in supporting our Armed Forces, their families and dependants.

Civvy-street can be difficult for former members of the Armed Forces, Families & Dependants as   employment, living arrangements, financial stability, support networks and personal lifestyles all change rapidly and sometimes all at once. We aim to be there as an additional source of support at this critical time to veterans and their families helping them to get the help that they are eligible for.

The Veterans Contact Point Supports Service Personnel from all of our Armed Forces and we work alongside the other key partners, helping individuals of the Armed Forces, no matter the circumstances.

For more information or to learn how to become a volunteer visit, or call 02476 343793.

Follow us on Twitter:@veteransCP


Registered Charity (England & Wales No. 1155953


VCP OpeningThe opening of the new home for the Armed Forces Centre in Nuneaton marked the beginning of a new era in the provision of support for veterans and serving members of the armed forces.

On Friday 15th November, Warwickshire’s Lord Lieutenant, Mr Timothy Cox joined over 100 other dignitaries and guests, including Marcus Jones MP, for the official opening of the Veterans Contact Point Armed Forces Centre which is located at the Horsa Building, on the grounds of Queen Elizabeth School on Bentley Road, Nuneaton.

Ex-service Association Standard Bearers, members of Frontline Living History group, Royal Air Force Air Cadet Drummers from the band of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron and the flag waving children from Queens C of E Junior School made absolutely sure that the opening of the Warwickshire Veterans Contact Point Armed Forces Centre was an event to remember.

The new Veterans Contact Point & Armed Forces Centre has been made possible thanks to the support of the Warwickshire, Coventry & Solihull Armed Forces Community Covenant and Warwickshire County Council who are providing the building in the grounds of the local school, at a peppercorn rent thus furthering the support being provided under cover of the Armed Forces Community Covenant.

VCP OpeningCouncillor Izzi Seccombe Leader of Warwickshire County Council also used the occasion to launch the Veterans Health booklet which was produced to help veterans, their families and Health practitioners. This booklet again being supported through funding made available from the Armed Forces Community Covenant. The Veterans Health booklet is available in hard copy or can be downloaded from the Warwickshire County Council website.

The opening celebrations also included veterans, Jesse Owen, Don Jacques, Dave White, VCP lead Len Hardy and other Veterans, who engaged in talks and other activities with the Pupils & Staff of Queens Church of England Junior School. Local Royal Marine Veteran, Jesse Owen shared his own personal history both as a previous pupil at the school and that of this period of Remembrance. Len Hardy stated that the history of people such as Jesse and Don needed to be shared and not lost in time. He also said that the pupils reacted very positively to these warm characters and engaged in all the activities of the day. The school children also experienced WW1 military life through the help of two re-enactment practitioners who also freely gave up their time to come along and teach the youngsters a thing or two about Drill. After their introduction to the joys of ‘Square Bashing’ the youngsters had time for cakes and soft drinks and also took part in a colouring competition which in recognition of the Children in Need celebrations and Pudsey Bear, the 6 pupils judged with the best pictures were given a SSAFA Teddy Bear.

Mr Len Hardy also gave special thanks to the Veterans Contact Point Staff and Volunteers for the support they have provided since this veterans community group started its work in April 2011. The VCP working with its partners, which include The Royal British Legion, SSAFA, ABF/The Soldiers Charity, WCC, Warwickshire Police and Probation, with additional support from Fry Housing and other local community groups, together have helped to support over 600 members of the Veterans Community.

When commenting on the future aspirations of the Armed Forces Centre, Mr Len Hardy said, “We hope to see the new Veterans Contact Point & Armed Forces Centre become the focal point for the local communities and Armed Forces Personnel, a place where their families and dependants can come together, to support the mutual needs of both communities. This morning we have experienced the bond and mutual respect shared between Veterans and the Pupils of Queens School and the young people of the local Cadet Forces, a coming together of the generations which was something to be admired. The act of freely sharing personal stories reinforced by the dignity of those who had been there and experienced living in those times, was and always will be priceless, something that film or history books could not capture.”

VCP OpeningFollowing the opening ceremony Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks RAFVR(T), of the Nuneaton Air Cadets said, “As well as being the lead for the Veterans Contact Point, Len Hardy is also the Civilian Committee Chairman for our Squadron. As such this connection with the local ex-service community has provided us with a wealth of opportunities to engage with veterans and Armed Forces Community Covenant projects within the local community. Len and his team have worked tirelessly to develop the Veterans Contact Point and make today a reality and we a proud to have been able to be a part of today’s celebrations. One of the key objectives of the Air Cadet Organisation is the development of good citizenship amongst our cadets and to that end we will continue to support both the VCP and the Armed Forces Community Covenant”.

The final plea made by Len was that all of the Armed Forces Communities, those serving and those who have served, their families and dependants, along with the local communities, businesses, councils, statutory bodies and charities, use the newly opened Veterans Contact Point Armed Forces Centre. By doing so, services can be developed and delivered under one roof to help those in need, from housing and work, through to help with welfare and learning.

VCP OpeningThe Armed Forces Centre, situated in The Horsa Building in Bentley Road Nuneaton, is open from Monday through to Friday, five days per week, between 10:00 and 16:00 hours. No appointment is necessary, so if you are a veteran/member of the Armed Forces Community or someone willing to help or you know someone who needs help, pop in and talk to us. We offer a local service for local people and if it is only a hot drink and a chat, we look forward to seeing you. Our telephone number is: 02476 343793 and email:

Our charity is built on our volunteers

Our charity is built on our volunteers. Without them we couldn’t continue to do all the positive work for the Armed Forces Community.

Volunteers do much of our direct work, as well as helping us in so many other ways such as fundraising, and promoting our work. We always need new volunteers, throughout Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull so please get in touch, we’d value your support.

As a volunteer you could help in so many different ways:

  • Peer to Peer support, one on one or in groups
  • Helping with the smooth running of the organisation in an administration capacity
  • Raising much needed money or promoting our services
  • Being involved in our activities

You don’t need any qualifications or previous experience of this kind of work to Volunteer. All you need is willingness to help and a little time.

As part of your application to volunteer, we have to a check with the Disclosure and Barring Service (formally known as Criminal Record Bureau). This is for the protection of the people we help.  Please note: having a criminal record does not automatically exclude someone from becoming a volunteer with our charity.

We welcome volunteers from every walk of life and from every community. This helps us reach out to people in need, whatever their circumstances. That’s why we have policies in place to sure we attract the best volunteers from all communities.

Volunteers are the life blood of our organisation. So we invest a lot of time in supporting volunteers in the knowledge that a well supported volunteer is an asset to our organisation and the people we help. All our volunteers receive comprehensive inductions, training (when required) and ongoing support.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with us, please let us know by registering your interest by telephone: 02476 343793 or by email:

Once a veteran always a Veteran

At this time of year I always feel a sense of pride and also feel lucky that I live in an area of the country that views it’s ex-service community with such respect. In Nuneaton especially we are gifted most years with having two remembrance events one on the Sunday nearest to the 11th  Nov at Nuneaton and the nationally applauded Bedworth Armistice Parade held on the 11th. This year both were exceptionally well attended due to the special significance of 2014. Our duty now done we can all cross off these events from the calender and look to the next big one on the 25th ( I won’t dare say it’s name). For many it is the case that once the major event of poppy day and all the parades and collections are over we happily forget about it till next year but for the smaller more intimate charities dealing with the ex service community the work continues and if anything life gets much harder at this time of year.