Support for HM Armed Forces Veterans COVID19 Lockdown 5th Nov – 3 Dec 2020

Support for HM Armed Forces Veterans COVID19 Lockdown 5th Nov – 3 Dec 2020

Veterans Contact Point – Veterans Should Not Be Forgotten

The Veterans Contact Point operating during the current COVID19 lockdown. We are conscious that former members of HM Armed Forces (Veterans) and their families struggle with isolation and loneliness. This increases for those with Mental Health issues, Combat PTSD and physical disabilities. Veterans volunteering at the Veterans Contact Point have themselves experienced the impact caused through the previous lockdown and are keen to ensure that “Veterans should not be forgotten” during this current phase of mandatory lockdown.

Advice and guidance has been sought with local authority and consultation with the UK Government restrictions/rules and the Veterans Contact Point delivers an “exempt essential support activity” as stated under Section 4 of

“Some venues will be allowed to remain open for specific exempt activities, like childcare and support groups. Support groups that are essential to deliver in person can continue with up to 15 participants where formally organised to provide mutual aid, therapy or any other form of support. This includes support to victims of crime, people in drug and alcohol recovery, new parents and guardians, people with long-term illnesses, people facing issues relating to their sexuality or gender, and those who have suffered bereavement.”

So, what are we providing? During the first phase of Lockdown we found that out weekly “Veteran Buddy Calls” were successful in ensuring veterans that the VCP and its Veterans cared about their mental and physical health. The response from those contacted was appreciated with many welcoming the chance to speak to another veteran and exchange “banter” etc.

  • Weekly Veteran Buddy Telephone Calls will continue. If you want us to call you please email: or telephone 02476343793. We will need to collect your contact details and permission to call you. All information shared will be protected and is limited for this purpose only.
  • Telephone/Email Contact.  You do not need to wait for us to make contact with you, the above email and telephone number will be staffed between 10:00 to 16:00. We work in partnership with other Partners from the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Armed Forces Community, this includes Councils, Military Charities, NHS Veterans Mental Health and many others. Please remember we are not an emergency service – if you feel you are in immediate need please ring 999 or 111

Should we need to refer you for additional support outside that which is available from the VCP itself we will seek your permission to refer and pass on your details

  • On-line/Virtual Information Sharing.  We will start a repeat of the successful “Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Veterans Should Not Be Forgotten” On-line information portal. This will begin Monday 9th November with “What’s On” details posted on our Facebook/Website etc. All you need is a laptop/PC/Tablet/Phone and the Internet an email address and to have made contact with the team on 024763434793 or to get the link. Initial topics will include Veterans Case Studies/Stories, Information Sharing from the across the Armed Forces Covenant Area, Armchair Fitness/Keeping Fit and help with Employment/Employability.

Welfare Support was also appreciated during the initial COVID19 lockdown, many veterans contact were in need of welfare support, having been unable to work or even struggling to pay for essential items such as food, heat etc. We provided “NAFFI Break and Main Meal Boxes” which were delivered to veterans who needed this support, many were struggling but were not asking for support or were aware that help could be provided. We work with the Food Banks across our area and other Charities to ensure that “Veterans Should Not Be Forgotten”, and have complimented their provision with our own, and/or ensured that Veterans are identified and supported.;

  • NAFFI Break/Main Meal/Food Vouchers will be made available to Veterans during this phase of Lockdown. Please do not leave it until crisis point to ask for help, ring or email the VCP Team on or ring 02476343793
  • Welfare Support – working with others we will provide welfare support to Veterans and their families to ensure that welfare support is being delivered to those struggling and in need. Don’t be too proud to ask for help and don’t leave it to crisis to get help.
  • Brew & Banter/Hot Meal – We intend to continue our current service of bringing small groups of veterans who are struggling with mental or physical health, loneliness, in need of mutual/Peer Support, therapy and other forms of essential support. This will be trialled on Wednesday 12th November only at the VCP’s main base in Nuneaton starting at 11:00 (max of 6 at any one time).   We will ensure compliance with all Government Guidance/Regulation which will include social distancing, face coverings and hand washing. Please ring 02476343793 or email to ask to be included in a session, sessions will normally last an hour.

Breakfast/Hot Meal – Subject to risk assessment, approval and demand we intend to provide a limited “Squaddie cooked” hot meal for those veterans who are struggling. We are planning a Free Veterans Breakfast (for those in need) on Saturday 14th November at the VCP starting at 10:00 – ending 12:00 (Max of 6 people at each sitting).

Please ring/email us on 02476343793 to confirm a place. If you have not booked? You will be turned away.

You will be expected to follow our admittance criteria and to follow our COVID19 procedures to protect our staff and yourself.

We will remain flexible and monitor the developing situation and may adjust the service we provide to remove face to face support, if we are instructed too,  or if we feel that people are not following advice and guideline and increasing risk to each other/others.

Please do continue to check our website and Facebook and other Media or ring/email 02476343793 before you travel.