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Once a veteran always a Veteran

At this time of year I always feel a sense of pride and also feel lucky that I live in an area of the country that views it’s ex-service community with such respect. In Nuneaton especially we are gifted most years with having two remembrance events one on the Sunday nearest to the 11th  Nov at Nuneaton and the nationally applauded Bedworth Armistice Parade held on the 11th. This year both were exceptionally well attended due to the special significance of 2014. Our duty now done we can all cross off these events from the calender and look to the next big one on the 25th ( I won’t dare say it’s name). For many it is the case that once the major event of poppy day and all the parades and collections are over we happily forget about it till next year but for the smaller more intimate charities dealing with the ex service community the work continues and if anything life gets much harder at this time of year.