VCP Ensures that Veterans Should Not Be Forgotten – Especially at Christmas

VCP Ensures that Veterans Should Not Be Forgotten – Especially at Christmas

The impact on COVID19 has been devastating on people in the community, with various Lockdowns, Firebreaks, Tiers and so forth. Generally Veterans across Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire have proved to be resilient and have coped, but some still struggle with isolation, loneliness impacting on their physical and mental well-being.

As Veterans ourselves we appreciate how important it is to “be home” at Christmas, our own military life often meant that we could be away at this time of year. However no matter where in the world we where, what ever corner of a field or desert we may find ourselves, we always tried to celebrate Christmas. A tradition exists where Officers and SNCO’s served Christmas Dinner to the enlisted men as a show of thanks from their own service and loyalty to whom they in turn served.

The VCP is extremely proud to provide a little festive cheer to our veterans as a way of giving back and ensuring that we maintain a tradition that our former servicemen and women did before us.

On the 21st December at the VCP in Nuneaton, we will be providing a 3 course cooked Christmas Lunch, cooked by Nick Caswell our Chef, assisted by Dawn his Wife, Tam, Jock and John our Peer Support workers/servers/dish washers, to needy veterans from across CSW AFC Area. Food has been donated by Morrisons (LSPA & SOA) and by food donated through Warwickshire County Council, topped up by a small donation from the VCP coffers. NBBC have kindly offered to help with taxi’s (Tier3 allowing) to transport veterans to/from lunch.

Please see the poster for full details, be mindful that we are limiting sittings to a maximum of 6 veterans per sitting. You may also be required to wear a facemask when not eating and ALL dinners will be required to follow strict COVID guidance/precautions at all times.

We require you to ring and book a place for dinner, you may be asked why you need to come – this is to ensure those in priority need get a place first. You will be informed what time your sitting is and when to be at and leave the VCP by.

On behalf of the Board of Trustee’s, Staff, Volunteers, Veterans and many Supporters – thank you for ensuring that the VCP can support and be there for Veterans and their Families from across the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Area, We wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas, no matter where you may be in the world.