A Tribute to Lyn Kelley – Our Veterans Are Not Forgotten.

A Tribute to Lyn Kelley – Our Veterans Are Not Forgotten.

A Tribute to Lyn Kelley – Lyn first made contact with the VCP way back in 2011 in her role as an RBL Volunteer Welfare Caseworker , when we were operating out of NBBC Town Hall in Nuneaton. She “jumped ship” and became a volunteer with the VCP in 2012 and stayed with us, helping us in our work to become a registered charity and effective organisation in supporting the needs of our local Armed Forces Community.

Lyn showed total dedication in her efforts to ensure that Veterans and their Families who were in need received the best support that their time in the UK Armed Forces made them eligible to access. This also included her individual efforts to ensure that the VCP was open to receive “drop in’s” from Veterans, providing them a brew/wet and welcoming them to the charity. We have seen Lyn battling all weathers to ensure the door is open and the kettle is on.

During the close down of the VCP to allow the refurbishment to take place, she even ensured that the initial Balfour Beatty Workforce had a hot brew and were given access to the building.

Lyn was a veteran herself, she proudly served in the RAF and later in the Army as a Reservist, two of her sons also followed her into Military Service. Above all Lyn was a Mother and Grandmother and loved her family with passion.

Lyn gave so much, so freely and ensured as far as she could that all Veterans were given support and access to other opportunities. She received no monetary payment for her efforts, but received payback in knowing that she was doing the right thing for others. Over 7,000 people have seen the post informing our Community of her sad passing – a tribute to Lyn that she has touched so many people through her dedicated work with the VCP a passion, a pride and her life work.

We continue to be there for her and her family and to remember her as a fellow Veteran, a Friend, a Mother and Grandmother and a local person who gave so much to others.

Lyn you will be missed by so many people, but we know that through your efforts, that the service they receive has been positively impacted by your own efforts and commitment.

The photos shown have been taken from her own Facebook page, those who knew Lyn appreciate that she didn’t like her photo taken and would hide when ever a camera was on site. These photos were obliviously precious to her and thank you Alex for allowing us to use them RIP Lyn