The VCP is closed following The UK Governments Instructions

The VCP is closed following The UK Governments Instructions

This is an unprecedented and difficult time for all of us in the UK and across the rest of the world. We here at the Veterans Contact Point wish to thank everyone for offering their support to us to enable us to outreach to the Armed Forces Community. We wish you, your family and your friends to remain safe and well during these challenging times, and advise you to continue to follow the UK Government/NHS Advice and Instructions.

Many of our larger Military Charities have also taken steps to reduce face to face interactions with the Armed Forces Community in attempt to keep everyone safe.

Recently announcements have been made to cancel VE Day celebrations across the Country, which is very sensible and will help to ensure we are all safe and restrict the unnecessary spread of the virus in attempt to not overload the already stretched NHS.

We at present have not formally cancelled our Armed Forces Day event in June but are reviewing the current situation before making a decision at the end of April.

We encourage you all to keep in contact with other veterans – a phone call, a text, a direct message, or other social media contact will reassure them that you care and that you are there. Many call this a Buddy Check, I call it being human and showing you care.

As soon as it is safe for us to reopen we will inform everyone. We will remain “on listening” watch and receptive to emails and we are monitoring our Facebook and Twitter Accounts should you need to get in touch.