Balfour Beatty/VCP Armed Forces Refurbishment Project

Balfour Beatty/VCP Armed Forces Refurbishment Project

Balfour Beatty & Warwickshire County Council in partnership with the Veterans Contact Point are soon to start a major refurbishment of our existing “Horsa Building” with first stage works beginning in early September 2018.

VCP’s Office/Building as is

New building following refurbishment – artists impression at this stage and may not be the final approved plan (subject to approval and consent)

New interior Рsome changes have already taken place (artists  impression of the proposed internal building Рfinal layout subject to approval and consent)

The above diagrams and proposals are only an indication of the work being considered and exact details/plans are not yet confirmed.

The facility for emergency accommodation is also only an indication of a potential and should this opportunity manifest into reality, full risk assessments and consultations with interested parties will be taken prior to any veterans being afforded this service. Its is stressed that should we offer emergency overnight accommodation this will only happen when all other statutory provisions and other alternatives have been exhausted.

We are looking for support from our Armed Forces Community to be involved in working alongside Balfour Beatty be it from making the Tea or actual getting your hands dirty.

We would also welcome support through donations to support the work being done, this crowd funding page has been set up to help with the internal furniture and additional resources for the completed building, if you wish to support you can so this direct through the Veterans Contact Point (cheques payable to The Veterans Contact Point) where all funding will be allocated direct to the refurb or alternatively this can be done through: 

Interest in getting involved? Ring us 02476343793 or email: